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Why a Licensed Optician?


Whether you are near-sighted, far-sighted or if your vision is affected by eye health issues, a Licensed Optician will be able to provide you with the highest standard of care. In Canada, Licensed Opticians are strictly regulated and maintain their training as eye care professionals.


To ensure that your eyes receive the best care possible, Licensed Opticians keep up to date on the latest in lens technology and coating benefits. Whether your needs are prescription glasses, reading glasses, safety glasses or sports sunglasses, we will ensure that your glasses are working optimally for you.



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A Licensed Optician will also ensure that your lenses have been created accurately and fit properly for your maximum comfort and efficiency. Adjustments are also offered following purchases.


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Did you know that not all lenses work with all  frames? Licensed Opticians also have a great  understanding of design and style and will help  you find frames that will not only work with your  lenses but make you look your best!

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