Contact Lenses

We carry many popular brands such as Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue Oasys), Coopervision (Proclear, Biofinity, Harmony), Alcon (Air Optix, FreshLook Colors) and Bausch & Lomb.

We also carry coloured contact lenses to correct vision AND change eye colour! If you only need your eye colour changed and have great vision, we can help you too.

Daily Disposable Lenses

Just wear them once and throw them away! Daily use contacts are probably the most healthy for your eyes, since you never have to worry about build up or the harm of over-wearing them. Nor do you have to worry about cleaning or storing your contacts; especially helpful if you are sensitive to contact solutions. Daily use contacts can be used for a variety of prescriptions including myopia and astigmatism plus can be multifocal – great for ageing eyes that need help reading close up as well as seeing far away

contact-insert-2Monthly Disposable Lenses

Monthly wear contact lenses are meant to be used for up to 30 days. They are taken out every evening, cleaned, and stored in solution overnight. After a month they are discarded and a fresh pair used. They come in a large variety of powers and materials to suit almost any kind of prescription.

Toric Contact Lenses (for Astigmatism)

A toric lens has different optical power and focal length, in two orientations perpendicular to each other. This corrects astigmatism in which the eye shaped more like a football or the back of a spoon than a sphere. Objects at any distance become blurry or wavy. New technology has led to toric contact lenses that are very comfortable as well as corrective. They are available in daily and monthly wear.

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

These new contact lenses are super oxygen permeable, meaning they can allow 6 to 7 times more oxygen through to you eyes than conventional contacts. This is much healthier and comfortable for your eyes.
Silicone Hydrogel contacts contain less water than conventional contact lenses so are less prone to drying out, more resistant to protein deposits and their firmer consistency makes them much easier to handle.

Multifocal Lensescontact-insert-3

Presbyopia is an age-related eye condition that makes it more difficult to see very close. Contact lenses are available to correct this in many instances, much like bifocal glasses.
There are trade-offs with multifocal lenses. Close up vision may still be blurry or distances unclear. In this case monovision lenses can be used, a different lens for each eye allowing one eye to focus more on close vision while the other is used for distance vision.
Our Licensed Opticians will be able to help you find the best solution for you.

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